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When building your Hackintosh it is crucial to choose the right Hardware. Don´t waste your time when installing OS X on your PC Hardware.

The most important Parts are the Motherboard, the Graphics Card and the CPU. There are a lot of ways to install OS X on a Hackintosh Computer, some more advanced and some suited for starters.

Intel Motherboards from Gigabyte are the best supported Hackintosh Hardware. These Boards are well known to support the most like Audio, USB, Ethernet and so on without to much Kext fiddling. Gigabyte Motherboards are also some of the best documented Motherboards. With the 9 Series Motherboards also Asus, Asrock & MSI are working well as a Hackintosh.

To save you time i recommended you to choose tested Hardware for which you have a guide before you buy the Hardware.

While Hackintosh´s are per se cheaper then original Apple Hardware, you get the best bang for your buck if you research your Hardware and don´t take the cheapest CPU.

A solid foundation for your Hackintosh build is as follows:

Other parts like the Case, the CPU Fan and the power supply you can choose what you like and fits with your other parts.

These Hardware will guarantee you a long time fun with your new Hackintosh. And even Updates should work well in the future if new Os X Versions are coming out.

On we only feature Hardware that is well supported, tested & documented for building a Hackintosh from PC Parts.

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